Oh Dear

I think that I may have got to the root of why I can't get a job;

Point one: There is a very real possibility that I have some sort of autistic spectrum disorder (I haven't been officially diagnosed and I've enough sense not to self-diagnose but according to various people who either work with people with ASD or have one themselves I apparently fit the bill so I can't help but wonder).

Point two: Only 15% of people with ASD actually manage to get full time paying jobs.


Since I've thus far failed to get a job and, according to the statistics, probably never will, it's time to go with Plan B: self-employment, which I'll admit is a somewhat scary prospect.

An update on things in general

Okay, since it's been a while since my last post I thought I'd post an update on how things are going, even though I doubt that anyone reads this thing or actually gives a crap if they did,

At the present moment in time, I'm still unemployed and still bonkers. On the upside I'm working on trying to go down the self-employment path and I've sent off a couple of stories to be published, although one has been rejected twice and I haven't yet heard about the other one.

In other news, I've recently realised just how little of the world makes sense. Or rather, how little sense other people make. I mean, in my head, everything makes sense. Things are clear, simple and stripped down to the fundemental truth of the matter. But then other people say and do things which go against how things are. They say that bad things are good and don't understand that doing them means that bad things will happen to you and that it makes you worth less then someone who obeys the rules. That's another thing they deny, the fact that some people are worth more then others. People say that no one is worth more or less but the way the world works and people act says otherwise, not to mention that unless there are reasons why you're worth more then someone else, you are worthless and don't deserve anything. Why can I see what supposedly normal people can't? Is it because I have a better view from the outside or something?

I have returned

Having just realised that it's been ten months since my last post I thought that I may as well  bring whoever actually reads this up to date. In January I was unemployed, volunteering, hadn't managed to finish writing anything and was mildly nuts. Ten month on, I'm still unemployed, no longer volunteering due to no longer being needed, still haven't finished anything and have been steadily going further round the bend (I seem to have acquired OCD at some point). So, all in all it's been pretty much down hill this year. *sigh* It's probably my fault though, I don't really put enough effort into improving myself and/or not being crazy. Still sucks though.

Character naming frustrations

If you're a writer then you've probably been in this situation at least once. You've got a story idea, you've got characters but try as you might you just can't come up with a name for one of them and it's holding everything up because you can't move on with the story until they get a name. I'm currently in such a position. Long story short, I came up with a story when I was at uni and in fact wrote some of it for my Creative Writing class. Unfortunately, there was a lot about it which in hindsight pretty much sucked, not to mention that since my brain works a lot faster then I can write I kept piling on details and cack-handed worldbuilding until the whole thing collapsed under its own weight. Realising what a mess it had turned into I shelved it and moved on to something else. Now that I'm a little older and a lot wiser though I've decided to have another look at it and have decided that it's worth salvaging, which is to say that I've ditched all the world building and stupid ideas and gone back to the basic concept.

Unfortunately one of the things that had to go was the name of the main character. Said character was originally named Cynthia, solely because the eighteen - nineteen year old me thought that having a character who was good and a bit straightlaced who had the nickname Cyn was funny/clever. In hindsight I've realised that this was neither funny or clever and that as a name Cynthia was too 'American' for a British character. Ergo I had to find a new name. Easier said then done, a LOT easier said then done. Despite hours of trawling through naming site I'm yet to meet with anything resembling progress. I don't know what it is, there's tons of perfectly good names out there but nothing seems to 'fit' and since they're the main character I can't even get started until I've sorted it out. It's very, very frustrating and I'm not sure how to go about resolving the situation. *sigh*
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The Alice Count; a very overdue update

I found some references a while ago but neglected to post them. I admit it, I've been letting the side down. Never mind, better late then never. Over the course of my posting procrastination I've come across five different references, namely one icon of the Mad Hatter (the Johnny Depp version),  two references in fanfics, one rather daft picture of a dinosaur wreaking havoc in Wonderland entitled "Allosaurus in Wonderland" (as if Wonderland wasn't weird enough already), and a thread on brassgoggles.co.uk with the title "MadHatter- The John Henry Complex".

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The Alice Count, plus real life stuff

Since the Sky HD ads that feature pictures or clips from Burton's Alice in Wonderland still seem to be stalking me, I've decided that while the rules state that I can only use on example once, the different versions of the ads (online, printed, TV etc) should probably be counted as seperate entities, which as of Wednesday adds two more examples to the count. Given that it is now Sunday there's been a bit of an update failure on my part, but better late then never. I also found another three references, courtesy of Cracked.com of all places, one in an article called  6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong (turns out that everyone who think Alice in Wonderland was written on drugs is barking up the wrong tree), another in an article entitled 6 Writers Who Accidentally Crapped Out Masterpieces (which as titles go is somewhat inaccurate but fairly typical bu Cracked standards), and another that was just a throwaway gag in another article.

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As for the real life side of things, winter has come early this year. Normally snow doesn't show up until about January, if at all, but this year it's not even December yet and there's already four inches of snow outside, and that's near the coast. Further inland it more then double that, I've an auntie who lives in the country who's more or less snowed in with two dogs who are absolutely loving it and keep tracking wet everywhere (what it is with dogs and snow anyway?).



The Alice Count, yet again

Just heard a good reference on TV, with the presenter of a documentary on ancient history referring to Homer as the 'Cheshire Cat of world literature; always disappearing." 

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The Alice Count and a real life update

I'll do the update first. First off, after years of suffering the indignity of unemployment, I've finally managed to get a job. Admittedly it's just casual and there's every chance of me going months without any work, but now that I'm employed on paper I'm hoping that the bloody annoying employment paradox (ie it's easier to get a job if you havea job) might be less of a problem.

Secondly, I went to a convention today, specifically Thought Bubble in Leeds. Said con seems to be getting too big for it's venue; you could barely move in the main hall. Still fun though. It also provided most of the latest additions to the Alice Count, specifically:
  • Two copies of a manga called Alice in the Country of Hearts on a manga vendor's stall (which counts since I was neither looking for or expecting them).
  • A copy of Alice in Wonderland appeared in one panel of a comic I was flicking through.
  • Another stall was selling copies of Alice in Sunderland.
  • One of the con-goers was cosplaying the Pandora Hearts version of the Cheshire Cat.
Additionally I found copies of The Looking Glass Wars and Seeing Redd for sale in the publisher's clearance shop down town yesterday, and I definitely wasn't looking for them (I went in to buy a puzzle book to pass the time on the train, I almost knocked something over which made me look down and there they were on the bottom shelf).

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