nightofcydonia (nightofcydonia) wrote,

The Alice Count and a real life update

I'll do the update first. First off, after years of suffering the indignity of unemployment, I've finally managed to get a job. Admittedly it's just casual and there's every chance of me going months without any work, but now that I'm employed on paper I'm hoping that the bloody annoying employment paradox (ie it's easier to get a job if you havea job) might be less of a problem.

Secondly, I went to a convention today, specifically Thought Bubble in Leeds. Said con seems to be getting too big for it's venue; you could barely move in the main hall. Still fun though. It also provided most of the latest additions to the Alice Count, specifically:
  • Two copies of a manga called Alice in the Country of Hearts on a manga vendor's stall (which counts since I was neither looking for or expecting them).
  • A copy of Alice in Wonderland appeared in one panel of a comic I was flicking through.
  • Another stall was selling copies of Alice in Sunderland.
  • One of the con-goers was cosplaying the Pandora Hearts version of the Cheshire Cat.
Additionally I found copies of The Looking Glass Wars and Seeing Redd for sale in the publisher's clearance shop down town yesterday, and I definitely wasn't looking for them (I went in to buy a puzzle book to pass the time on the train, I almost knocked something over which made me look down and there they were on the bottom shelf).

Current Count: 26
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