nightofcydonia (nightofcydonia) wrote,

The Alice Count, plus real life stuff

Since the Sky HD ads that feature pictures or clips from Burton's Alice in Wonderland still seem to be stalking me, I've decided that while the rules state that I can only use on example once, the different versions of the ads (online, printed, TV etc) should probably be counted as seperate entities, which as of Wednesday adds two more examples to the count. Given that it is now Sunday there's been a bit of an update failure on my part, but better late then never. I also found another three references, courtesy of of all places, one in an article called  6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong (turns out that everyone who think Alice in Wonderland was written on drugs is barking up the wrong tree), another in an article entitled 6 Writers Who Accidentally Crapped Out Masterpieces (which as titles go is somewhat inaccurate but fairly typical bu Cracked standards), and another that was just a throwaway gag in another article.

Current Count: 33

As for the real life side of things, winter has come early this year. Normally snow doesn't show up until about January, if at all, but this year it's not even December yet and there's already four inches of snow outside, and that's near the coast. Further inland it more then double that, I've an auntie who lives in the country who's more or less snowed in with two dogs who are absolutely loving it and keep tracking wet everywhere (what it is with dogs and snow anyway?).


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