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Character naming frustrations

If you're a writer then you've probably been in this situation at least once. You've got a story idea, you've got characters but try as you might you just can't come up with a name for one of them and it's holding everything up because you can't move on with the story until they get a name. I'm currently in such a position. Long story short, I came up with a story when I was at uni and in fact wrote some of it for my Creative Writing class. Unfortunately, there was a lot about it which in hindsight pretty much sucked, not to mention that since my brain works a lot faster then I can write I kept piling on details and cack-handed worldbuilding until the whole thing collapsed under its own weight. Realising what a mess it had turned into I shelved it and moved on to something else. Now that I'm a little older and a lot wiser though I've decided to have another look at it and have decided that it's worth salvaging, which is to say that I've ditched all the world building and stupid ideas and gone back to the basic concept.

Unfortunately one of the things that had to go was the name of the main character. Said character was originally named Cynthia, solely because the eighteen - nineteen year old me thought that having a character who was good and a bit straightlaced who had the nickname Cyn was funny/clever. In hindsight I've realised that this was neither funny or clever and that as a name Cynthia was too 'American' for a British character. Ergo I had to find a new name. Easier said then done, a LOT easier said then done. Despite hours of trawling through naming site I'm yet to meet with anything resembling progress. I don't know what it is, there's tons of perfectly good names out there but nothing seems to 'fit' and since they're the main character I can't even get started until I've sorted it out. It's very, very frustrating and I'm not sure how to go about resolving the situation. *sigh*
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